Sandbox- and Rentalrules

our sandboxrules

  • Pick up your stuff before you leave.
  • Use of Weapons/Projectiles is only allowed on the Testbox.
  • Use of Driving/Flying objects is only allowed on the Testbox.
  • Please use the Testbox for bigger buildings as well.
  • Keep your drama to IMs or private voice.
  • Please don’t rez Objects that spam sounds and/or particles.
  • Behave and be nice to each other.

our rentalrules

Tenant Rules & Terms of Service

1. General Rules
2. Payment
3. Cancellation of a Tenancy

1.General Rules

  • The tenant agrees to follow these rules with the first rental payment.
  • It’s forbidden to advertise for other Sims on GFR (Signs, Greeters, etc.)
  • The parcel borders have to be respected
  • No extreme terraforming on the parcel borders.
  • The use of high walls (etc.) to mark the border of your parcel is forbidden.
  • Skyboxes are allowed at a height of 1000m and above.
  • The use of general ban-lines is forbidden (Single Bans on the parcel are okay). Please use a security orb that only kicks the intruder from the parcel, Home-TPs are forbidden. A warning timer of at least 15 seconds (ground level)
  • Please adjust the settings of your parcel correctly:
    • Building and Object-Entry have to be set to ‘GROUP-ONLY’
      And if you use a group please make sure that it can’t be joined without an invitation.
  • The tenant may have a maximum parcel border of 8192m².

2. Parcel Payment

  • The payment of the rented parcel has to be paid up front on the provided rentmeter.
  • No refunds.

3. Cancellation of a Tenancy

  • The parcel-action “Abandon Land” will terminate the tenancy.

  • Still existent rent won’t be refunded and overdue rent has to be paid.

  • The tenancy also will be terminated after 3 days of delayed payment and the debt has to be paid.
    (A debt box will be set up at the staffboard)

  • We reserve the right to shorten the maximum time of delay (of payment) to 24 hours for former debtors or to
    refuse the tenancy completely.

  • If you shouldn’t want/need the parcel anymore please set it to ‘won’t renew’ on the rentmeter or contact a
    staff member about it so we can clear the parcel as soon as the rented time has run out and won’t create a debt box.

  • Violations of these terms and rules will be penalized with suitable measures or with the termination of the tenancy.

    Also we ask you to:

    •  Put something green and flowery down on your parcel if you only set up a skybox. It looks much nicer for the scenery than an empty parcel.

How i set " wont renew" ?