German Fur Reloaded Rental

FAQ for prospective customers!

In theory we would say yes but only up to a minimum size. Since the renting of the other half would be difficult. However, if you have another permanent tenant for the 2nd half, there would be nothing in the way of renting.

First you need to buy the plot. The purchase price will be manually added to the rent later in the rental system. After that, you should also pay a desired amount into our rentals system. You can find it on the side of your plot.

We offer the possibility to pay the rent into our rental system at 2 places. Once directly at the plot and once at the terminal in the middle of the sim.

Are you interested in a parcel on GFR?

We offer many different sized plots for your home or your shop or club / hangout. Build what you want!

Interested in a shop/adboard on GFR?

Welcome to GFR-Mall.
Here you will find everything for and from Furry’s. Billboards for 30L$/week and stores for 100L$/week with 50LI.

  • Automatic rental system.
  • Always a contact person nearby.
  • A sandbox for your customers and you!

No free parcel? Put yourself on the waiting list!